Inner journeys

For Healing, Transformation and Connecting with the Self:

♥    Soul reading    €55,-

Through a soul reading, the connection with your-Self can open up further and allowing you to stand in your light power with more love and determination.
I tune in to your subconscious, read you energy and translate it into words.
It can give you information about your soul purpose, your qualities and blind spots, traumas, patterns, old wounds and past life experiences.
It can be something general or specific, it’s just what I receive and what is required for you to take the next step in to your light.
Afterwards I will send it you by e-mail.

♥    Video call    €66,-

During a video call, we take a closer look at your life. This can be anything, on a personal level, relationships, work or something else.
You indicate what you encounter or what lives in you. Maybe you feel stuck or you need some advice or just a listening ear.
During the conversation I use insight cards, my intuition and my own experiences to guide you to more clarity. A video call will last about 1 hour.


♥    Energy healing     €77,-  

A energy healing is an energetic treatment that creates space for your selfhealing system and will support you in balancing your body, mind and soul.
It promote healing by releasing congestion from energy centers to enable a good energy flow through your body. It’s based on magnetism (a bit similar to Reiki).
Through the hands I work as a channel with universal life energy and let the energy flow through your body. It brings your system in deep relaxation and remove blockages.
This way you experience how you are energetically returned to your natural state of Being.
You can also
encounter the deeper layers of yourself and the associated emotions.
It will last about +/- 1 hour.
*If you want a energy healing
at your home the driving costs are excluded.

♥    Constellations       €88,-

In a (family-/system-) constellation, the questioner comes up with a problem or something that requires more clarity. This will be presented visually on the basis of representatives.
In a 1-1 session we work with floor anchors as representatives. It’s an intuitive proces that brings you in contact with All that is (spirits, family, systems, ancestors, etc.) Be open to what you feel and experience during a constellation and just let it happen. This technic will bring you naturally to deeper emotional layers, where past experiences and traumas are stored, so they can heal on a natural way.
A constellation will
last about 1/1,5 hours.

*If you want a group constellation with other people that’s also possible, contact me for the possibilities. Or keep an eye on social media.


♥   Plant medicine Ceremony      €333,-

During a plant medicine ceremony I work with Ceremonial Cacao combined with other heart opening herbs to heal on a soul level. It helps you to strengthen the connection with your heart. It takes you on a personal, inner journey and listens to your intention. It is gentle, loving and relatively mild. This is because it is easy to dose. It is a plant medicine to get acquainted with the centuries-old world of plant spirit. It carries the sacred geometry and gives you an oppertunity to activate a bigger potential from who you really are. This experience helps you also to open blockages that have often been stuck in you system for a long time.

During a plantmedicine ceremony I can come to your home or to another location that you have proposed to me. I facilitate to maximum 3 people during a home ceremony.

The price is excluding driving costs & per person.
(You get a 55€ discount per person if you are with two, and 99€ with the three of you)
A ceremony will last between 6-8 hours.

> I also occasionally organize plantmedicine ceremonies for larger groups (max. 10 people). I will announce these on social media.<



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